Live A Good Life Adress Trade registry under no., Unique Identification No. (CUI) RO (“Live A Good Life”, “we” “us”processes Your personal data as part of the provision and operation of and its associated subdomains (collectively refered to as the “Platform”).By using the Platform and/or accessing the Services hereunder you agree with this Privacy Policy (as it might be amended, revised or restated, from time to time) including the collection, processing and transfer of Your personal data, as provided herein. Please note that in order to use our Services You must be 18 years of age or older.
Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Please check it, from time to time, as it may suffer amendments, revisions or restatements. If You do not agree with it, please stop using the Platform and the Services and stop providing any personal data to us.
As owner and operator of the Platform, Live A Good Life is committed to compliance with all relevant EU and EU Member State laws in respect of personal data, and the protection of the “rights and freedoms” of individuals whose information 2Performant collects and processes in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (UE) 2016/679 (“GDPR). GDPR strengthens the protection of the individual’s right to personal data protection, reflecting the nature of data protection as a fundamental right for the European Union and it will come into effect on 25 of May 2018. All processing of Your personal data shall be in accordance with the data protection principles set out in Article 5 of the GDPR and both the Platform and Live A Good Life internal policies are designed to ensure compliance with such principles.
During and for the provision of our services through the Platform (“Services), we collect and process personal data. According to GDPR, personal data is deemed any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual, natural person (“Data Subject”), meaning if a person can be detected, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier. This is the case if the assignment to one or more characteristics that are the expression of a physical, physiological, psychological, genetic, economic, cultural or social identity is possible, for example: a person’s name; an email address or other online contact information, such as an instant messaging user identifier or a screen name that reveals an individual’s email address; a telephone number; identification numbers, such as a social insurance number, a personal number or an ID number; location data; online identifiers (this may involve IP addresses or cookies – You may find our Cookie Policy at; coded data that is derived from personal data. Additionally, to the extent any other information is associated or combined with
Live A Good Life is a data controller under GDPR. We are the controller of personal data provided by You through the Platform, unless otherwise indicated when such data is collected or otherwise stated herein. By this Privacy Policy we inform You on if/what personal data we collect and process and how we deal with the personal data we collect from our Advertisers, Affiliates, simple visitors of our Platform, e-commerce clients (i.e. buyers on our Advertisers’ websites) (collectively, You).
Please note that this Privacy Policy is not exhaustive, it only provides for certain privacy principles applied by Live A Good Life during its collaboration with You (based on the use of the Platform) which we consider to be of particular importance for You.
If You have any general questions, complaints or requests regarding or in relation to our Privacy Policy or practices, including, without limitation to, any specific requests, such as: (i) a requirement that Live A Good Life shall rectify certain personal data held on You ; (ii) a Subject Access Request (including: request for confirmation as to whether Live A Good Life is processing any personal data about You; access to Your individual personal data; any related information); or (iii) any request for rectification, erasure, blockage or for the purpose of exercising any of Your rights under sections 6 below; or (iv) a request regarding withdrawal of Your consent to process Your personal data, should such consent be the legal basis for the processing of Your personal (You are at all times entitled to withdraw Your consent to process personal data if You have provided consent to Live A Good Life. Should such consent be withdrawn by You, we will not process Your personal data based on consent, any more); (v) a request that Live A Good Life shall not process Your personal data for advertising or direct marketing purposes, please contact us at [email protected] Access Right is part of Your Access Rights detailed under 6.1. below.
Please be advised that it is prohibited to post or provide any personal data of third parties (e.g. name, telephone number, address or any information concerning their private lives).

  1. WHAT personal data do we collect, WHEN and WHY (PURPOSE OF PROCESSING) do we collect them. WHICH are the legal basis for processing

The way You approach the Platform and the Services available hereunder determine the scope of how we collect and process Your personal data, as mentioned below. The collection and processing by us of personal data is based on legitimate interest as detailed below, as well as for the performance of the contract to which You and Live A Good Life are the parties. Please be advised that not all data we collect from You is necessarily of personal nature according to GDPR and, therefore, such data is not subject to the restrictions and requirements under GDPR.
1. Information from Affiliates
When You register and set up Your Affiliate account in the Platform we collect: Your IP and email address, to be attached to Your Affiliate account, Your username and password of Your Affiliate account in the Platform. You must keep Your password confidential, You must not communicate it to other persons or allow them to use Your Affiliate account. Neither You are allowed to use any other Affiliate accounts than Yours. If You suspect any unauthorized use of Your Affiliate account please contact us at [email protected], immediately.
We use this information: (i) to check Your consent for entering into the Terms of Use regulating the Platform and the Services; (ii) to register You as an Affiliate in the Platform and establish an Affiliate account for You, and, further (ii) to provide You with our Services, to contact You, to provide You with Help Desk services, (iv) to provide You with advertising and marketing information, always conditional upon Your previous consent, by checking the Newsletter subscription checkbox (v) for reporting and investigation purposes(vi) for monitoring the Platform performance, (vii) to make analysis regarding Your Affiliate account performance. We do not record any further personal data other than voluntarily provided by You.
When creating/amending Your Affiliate profile attached to Your Affiliate accountin the Platform we collect Your avatar imageYourfull name and phone number. We use this information: (i) to check Your consent for the Terms of Use regulating the Platform and the Services to (ii)visually identify You in the Platform (the avatar image You provide will be displayed and attached to Your Affiliate profile, being thus available to any and all users of the Platform); (iii) to contact You in connection with the Services (including for verifying Your payment profile, Your identity), (iv) for reporting and investigation purposes(v)to provide You with our Services;
When You create Your Affiliate payment profile in the Platform, in addition to the above mentioned data, we collect from You Your email Paypal address, Your bank account number, Your personal unique identification number (e.g. CNP or similar), Your payment address, serial and number of Your residence certificate (should You reside in other country than Romania), serial and number of Your identity card, as well as any other personal data (different from the ones above mentioned) which You may voluntarily provide to us (e.g. additional email addresses/phone numbers). We use this information: (i) to check the identity between the person requesting the payment and the Affiliate entitled to receive the payment (ii) to perform – either through Paypal or directly through Bank transfer – the payment of the amounts owed to Your, according to the Terms of Use, (iii) to verify and confirm Your Affiliate payment profile (iv) for internal audits and accounting reports, as required by applicable legislation, (v) for reporting and investigation purposes (vi)to provide You with our Services. Also, we may use this information, along with the one previously collected from You: (i) to provide You, upon request, with income statements, regarding the amounts paid to You under the Terms of Use as well as (ii) to offer You, always subject to Your consent, various benefits, as such might be available according to the Terms of Use – e.g. subscription healthcare (in this respect we will provide the healthcare provider with Your full name and Your personal unique identification number);
When generally using our Platformwe may also collect information on the device You are using to enter our Platform pages, such as Your operating system and browser of Your device. We also collect data about Your usage of the Platform, such as how and when You access Your account and the Platform, including information about the device and browser You use, Your network connection, Your IP address (in case it is different from the one used when the Affiliate account was registered with the Platform), and information about how You browse through the Platform.

We use this information to give You access to and improve our Services and adapt them to Your needs; for example, to make our Platform interface easier to use. Finally, we may use this information to provide You with advertising or marketing information.
2. Information from visitors of our Platform
Our Platform temporarily log traffic data provided by the device You use to enter our websites (including the host name (IP address) of the requesting computer), date and time, data specifications of Your browser and operating system as well as the name of Your access provider, and the website You were referred from to our Platform (so called Referrer URL). This information is stored a short period until it is automatically deleted.
Please be advised that when You, in capacity of visitor of our Platform want to leave a comment to an article or contact our dedicated support department, we may collect from You information such as: email address, full name and personal website.
The collection and processing of this data is carried out for the purposes of facilitating the use of our Platform(connection set-up) and to ensure the security and stability of our systems as well as the technical administration of the network infrastructure. We do not record any personal data (not Your name, address, telephone number or email address) other than mentioned above or voluntarily provided by you.
3. Information from visitors/buyers on the Advertisers’ websites
When You, as visitor/buyer on our Advertisers’ websites (Client) access an Affiliate link we don’t collect from You any personal data. However, in order to validate Affiliate Link click action we collect from You information such as: IP address (in anonymised format), date & time of Your click action on the Advertiser’s action, tool type, the type of the device You were using, URL referrer, URL redirect, Click tag, Affiliate unique ID, Advertiser unique ID (all this information being collectively known in Platform as “Click Details”).
When You, as visitor/buyer on our Advertisers’ websites access an Affiliate link we also store a Live A Good Life tracking cookie on Your devices which contains: affiliate unique ID, Advertiser unique ID and expiration date.
You, as buyer on our Advertisers’ websites perform an action on the Advertiser’s website and a valid Live A Good Life tracking cookie is identified on Your devices we collect from You information such as: IP address (in anonymised format), date & time of Your action on the Advertiser’s website, Affiliate unique ID, conversion amount, conversion description, transaction ID and Advertiser unique ID (all this information being collectively known as “Conversion details”, in the Platform).
We use this information (i) to correctly identify Affiliate clicks and conversions for Affiliates and Advertisers in order to assure secured Platform interactions; (ii) providing relevant statistics for Platform users.
PURPOSESof processing personal data
We process Your personal data strictly in compliance with applicable data protection and privacy legislation (especially GDPR) and our contractual duties, and will prevent unauthorized access to data to the best of our abilities.
As detailed in the sections above, we only use the personal data collected from You for the following purposes: managing and providing You with the Services; manage our agreed obligations and rights towards You, as per the Terms of Use; process payments of the amounts owed to You according to the Terms of Use; Platform administration; internal analysis to improve or more effectively tailor the Platform, business or offerings generally; direct marketing; any other purpose You have consented to or which is allowed under applicable law. Your personal data may also be processed for additional legitimate purposes, different from the ones mentioned above, to the extent such additional purposes are closely related with the ones for which the data was originally collected. Your personal data may be combined with other information collected from you or third parties for the above purposes.
For HOW LONGYOUR personal data will be stored
While observing applicable privacy legislation we will erase Your data without any action required by You, if retention of such data is no longer necessary for the purpose pursued or retention is no longer allowed for any legal reason. We may restrict processing instead of erasing Your data where legally not allowed to erase (e.g. legal obligations to maintain Your personal data for accountability purposes, or as may be necessary during the applicable statute of limitation).
To WHOMwill be transferred Your personal data
Live A Good Life works with various service providers to help provide you with our Services and we may share personal data with them to support these efforts. Such service agreement shall contain obligations for third parties to process data only in accordance with Live A Good Life’s instructions and to take appropriate measures to secure that the processing of the personal data is secure.
Should any of the recipients reside in a country without adequate legal protection for personal data, Live A Good Life will make reasonable efforts to make the recipient adopt the principles described in this Privacy Policy.
Provided You have given Your consent – by accepting the Terms of Services checkbox when creating Your account within the Platform – we may contact You via telephone, via mail in order to provide You with information on Live A Good Life offersin connection withthe Services and/or the Platform. You may withdraw Your consent at any time by sending a request in relation thereto, at [email protected]
Data is stored within the European Union and the European Economic Area.
We do not transmit data to third parties other than the ones mentioned above, unless you have given Your consent thereto or the transmission is made to state institutions, or otherwise on the basis of mandatory national legislation.
Data security
We take all technical and organizational security measures required according to industry standards on information security management, to safeguard sensitive information including protect Your personal data from loss, unauthorized disclosure or other forms of misuse. Data is stored in a safe environment that is not open to public access. Our secured websites use encryption and authentication standards to protect the confidentiality of web transactions, including Your personal data. This means that – support by Your browser provided – communication between Your device and our servers will include recognized encryption measures.
Our stuff is trained in privacy matters and in dealing with data and information.
Provided that You are a Data Subject, as defined under the GDPR (and as contemplated above under this Privacy Policy), in relation to personal data held by us, You have the right to request access to Your personal data as well as to make requests regarding the nature of information held and to whom it has been disclosed (Right to Access); to take action to rectify, amend, erase, including the right to be forgotten, or destroy inaccurate data, right to restriction or to object to the processing of their personal data, right to data portability, as detailed below.
If You are a visitor/buyer on the website of our Advertisers and wish to exercise these rights, please contact such Advertisers since Live A Good Life can only forward Your request to them to allow them to respond.
Right to Access The right to access shall go beyond requesting and being provided with general information on data processing activities. It gives You the possibility to demand more in-depth information on processing. You may request a copy of the personal data that 2Performant holds about you (“Subject Access Request”). This will include information regarding what personal data 2Performant processes about You, where such information has been collected, for which purpose the information is being processed, and to whom, or to which categories of persons, the information is disclosed.
Right to rectification might help you to correct or prevent negative effects that incorrect/incomplete data may have on Your rights and freedoms. As processed data, at any given time, must reflect reality, you have the right to obtain from Live A Good Life, the rectification/completion of Your inaccurate/missing personal data.
Right to Erasure You have the right to demand from us the erasure of Your personal data and we shall have the obligation to erase personal data, except if otherwise provided under the GDPR
Right to Be Forgotten Pursuant to exercise of Your Right to Erasure, if 2Performant has made the Your personal data public we shall, taking account of available technology and the cost of implementation, take reasonable steps, including technical measures, to inform other controllers that are processing the personal data that you requested erasure by such controller of any links to, or copy or replication of, those personal data.
Right to Restriction of Processing Shouldthe grounds establishing such right under GDPR be met, you may require that one or more personal data is prevented from and, additionally, marked in a way that prevents it from being subject to processing activities. However, such restriction of processing does not relate to the storage of the concerned personal data,
Right to Data Portability allow you to request Live A Good Life to transmit Your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, to third parties You indicate
 Right to prevent processing for purposes of direct marketing
 Right to be informed about the mechanics of automated decision-taking process that will significantly affect You and right to object to any automated profiling that is occurring without consent
 Right to sue for compensation if You suffer damage by any breach of personal data applicable legislation;
 Right to request the supervisory authority to assess whether any provision of the GDPR has been contravened. If You believe we are processing Your personal data in breach of applicable legislation, You can file a complaint with National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing in Romania. 
This Privacy Policy may, from time to time, be subject to amendments, revisions and restatements. Whenever this Privacy Policy is amended, revised or restated, a pop up message will appear in the Platform informing the users about the change of the Privacy Policy. Such pop up message will remain in the Platform from the date when the Privacy Policy was altered until accepting the updated Terms of Services but it will also appear when you firstly use the Platform after the Privacy Policy has been changed (the pop up will announce the most recent change of the Privacy Policy, immediately prior to Your use of the Platform). The changes to the Privacy Policy will be in effect from the date of their publication in the Platform.
If You have any requests regarding or in relation to the above mentioned rights and/or in accordance with any of the rights contemplated under articles 15-22 under GDPR, please contact us at [email protected] We will respond within one month from the date we receive Your request. The response period may be extended by two months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests; we will promptly inform You of any such extension, within one month of receipt of the request, together with the reasons for the delay. We will provide You with our answer by using the email address attached to Your account in the Platform.
In case of any discrepancies between the terms of this Privacy Policy (integrant part of the Terms of Use) and the terms of Use, with regard to the data processing described herein, the terms of this Policy shall prevail.