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our philosophy

Perfection is unattainable. As a small business, if you strive for perfection, you’ll never grow and flourish. A better philosophy is: We try things and then we perfect. If you expect perfection, team members will be afraid try things — they’ll shut down. On the other hand, perfecting things draws ideas out of people. You lead people with the idea that perfection is not the goal. Encourage your team to embrace the imperfections, then look for ways to level up, raise the bar and be better. Ask, “What do we need to change, modify or improve?” Lead them by asking, “What hurts, what works and how can we make what works even better?” It’s all about tweaking.

Our Practices

We believe strongly in listening to and learning from other people. It’s how we came up with the idea for our business. When we were starting our business, whenever we would have a conversation with our dad, he would say that he had ideas or suggestions, but it’s our job to figure out what we can apply to our business. For us, advice can fall under three different categories: useful, irrelevant or a catalyst for a new way of thinking. People will always offer new ideas and advice, even more so being business owners in our 20s, but it’s important to continually stay open to it because, whether we want to accept it or not, we don’t know everything.

Benefits for Partnerships

Acquire New Customers

Increased market share and market access are the leading reasons businesses seek new partnerships, with 68 percent of executives listing acquiring new customers as a main benefit of effective alliances. Businesses can participate in new supplier-vendor relationships, form ongoing deals with import/export firms and more in order to increase market share and access.

Increase Revenue

66 percent of senior executives view increased revenue as a primary advantage of successful partnerships. When their strategic objectives align and their resources complement each other, business partners can provide each other new market access and, in turn, new revenue streams.

Expand Geographic Reach

Expanding distribution is among the top three benefits sought by businesses entering into partnerships, with 32 percent of executives naming expanding geographic reach as a primary goal of their partnerships. Tightly linked to accessing new customers and revenue channels, geographic expansion is often a first step toward new growth.

Extend Product Lines

27 percent of executives list product diversification as a primary goal of strategic partnerships. Businesses often collaborate to gain access to the materials, knowledge or market they need to extend their product lines.

Access New Technologies

Partnerships are often an ideal way to access new technologies without expending resources. Just over a quarter, or 26 percent, of business leaders list gaining access to new technology or intellectual property as a benefit of strategic partnerships.

Add Sharing Resources

Along the same lines of accessing new technologies and IP, businesses also enter strategic partnerships in order to pool resources. 23 percent of executives cite adding sharing resources as a primary objective of partnerships, effectively advancing them on their path to innovation.

Our Philosophy

Our company provides this help without expectation. We accomplish it by providing valuable education and even referring them to a good resource if our business is not the best match to solve their problems. The trust and respect that it earns has been a major contribution to our success. We also ensure that this philosophy continues when prospects become our customers. It is gratifying to see people we help so appreciative. It makes us feel more like a community as opposed to just a company-customer relationship. It’s the power of giving that drives our cultural foundation and, as a result, we attract a customer base that remains with us long-term.

Our Process

– We endorse efficiency, short cycles of decisions and action.

– We believe that results are more powerful than suggestions

– Start working on improvement, take initiative, If it does not work, we still will have learned something

Our Opportunities

Live A Good Life is building a better way to develop business-to-business partnerships. In a recent study more than 75% of executives said strategic partnerships were vital to their growth but nearly half said they had trouble finding and connecting with the right strategic partner. 

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Most Popular Teachers

Recognized by Leading Media

BastiA3 AA

Bastianela Bențe

Spiritual Intelligence Training

Bastianela Bențe este fondatoarea UNIFIQ și totodată membră a consiliului director al 3Q Institute UK. Membră a Academiei 3Q, speaker și master trainer în dezvoltarea inteligenței spirituale – acreditată internațional de Institutul 3Q, 

Are o experiență bogată în domeniul dezvoltării omului (peste 20 de ani)
și peste 2000 de ore de counseling cu clienți din toată lumea în dezvoltare spirituală.

Dorința ei de a împărtăși din experiența și cunoașterea dobândită în toți acești ani, vine mai ales în întâmpinarea celor care doresc să renunțe la superficialitate,la o viață trăită fără un sens real, a celor care își doresc să se întoarcă la ei înșiși pentru a trăi în mod autentic, în concordanță cu adevărul lor interior – pentru o viață plină de sens, în și prin care să-și exprime liber, într-un mod inspirat și deplin, adevăratele valori și capacități pe care le au.

Stia’s Courses:

MindMaster Experience

  • 50 hours
  • 1295

3Q Practitioner Online Training Course

  • 36 hours
  • 1200

The Essential Experience

  • 24 hours
  • 250

mature womanAA

Diana Wellington

Couples Counseling

The reason for couples counseling in addition to marital therapy is that couples can be unmarried and in non-traditional relationships. 

One of the best reasons for engaging in couples counseling would be to explore the goals and aspirations that you both have for the future.  Recognizing that your initial feelings of love can change if you are not both focused on the importance of maintaining similar goals and beliefs for the life of your relationship.  It is not opposites that attract and maintain a relationship but rather people who share the same beliefs who survive that travails and difficulties of a long term relationship.

 We at the Westchester Center for Behavior Therapy can help you both confront these most important issues so that your future together will have a greater chance of success.

Dianna’s Courses:

Marital Therapy

  • 36 hours
  • 859.99

Couples Counseling

  • 18 hours
  • 489.99

Stress Management

  • 54 hours
  • 1109.99

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“I have been a member of the Live A Good Life group for two months. I have a Social Media consulting company. I joined the group to expand my network. Live A Good Life has introduced me to awesome fellow entrepreneurs were we will be able to cross network and share best practices. I’ve found this membership to be extremely beneficial for the growth of my business. I highly recommend this amazing group of people to any business owner looking to connect with like minded people.”

Kelsey Smith

Front end Programmer / react apps

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