Three Gates of Wisdom !
The Cracked Pot

1- The first is to improve health.

This requires breathing, as often as possible, deep and rhythmic, filling the lungs well, outdoors or in front of an open window. Drink small amounts of water every day, about two liters of water, eat lots of fruit, chew your food as perfectly as you can, avoid alcohol, tobacco and medicines, unless, for some serious reason, you are undergoing medical treatment. Bathing daily should be a habit that you owe to your dignity.

2- Absolutely banish from your mind, for whatever reason, all thoughts of pessimism, anger, rancor, hatred, boredom, sadness, revenge and poverty.

To flee like the plague every opportunity to deal with slanderous, vicious, vile, murmuring, lazy, gossipy, vain or vulgar and inferior people for natural limits of understanding or for sensual arguments that form the basis of their speeches or occupations. The observance of this rule is of decisive importance: it is about changing the spiritual plot of your soul. It is the only way to change your destiny, because this depends on our actions and our thoughts. The case does not exist.

3- Do all the good you can.

Help every unhappy every time you can, but never feed a weak person for any person. You must keep your strength under control and escape from all forms of sentimentality.

4- We must forget every offense, indeed, try to think well of your greatest enemy.

Your soul is a temple that should never be profaned by hatred. All the great men have let themselves be guided by that sweet Inner Voice, but this will not speak to you immediately, you must prepare yourself for a certain time, destroying the overlap of layers of old habits, thoughts and errors that weigh on your spirit, which is divine and perfect in its essence, but impotent for the imperfection of the vehicle that is offered today to manifest itself, the weak flesh.

5-You have to gather every day, where no one can disturb you, even for half an hour, sitting as comfortably as possible, with half-closed eyes and not thinking about anything.

This strongly strengthens the brain and the Spirit and will put you in touch with beneficial influences. In this state of meditation and silence, the most brilliant ideas often come, which at times can change an entire existence. In time all the problems that arise will be resolved victoriously by an Inner Voice that will guide you through these moments of silence, alone with your conscience. This is the demon Socrates was talking about.

6- It is necessary to maintain absolute silence on all your personal affairs. 

Refrain, as if you had made a solemn oath, from referring to others, even your most intimate, of everything you think, listen, know, learn, suspect or discover, for a long time at least, you should be like a house walled or a walled garden. It is a rule of the utmost importance.

7- Do not be afraid of men and do not be afraid of tomorrow.
Keep your heart strong and pure and everything will be fine.

Never think of being alone or weak, because there are powerful armies behind you, which you can not conceive even in dreams. If you raise yourself in the spirit, no evil can touch you. The only enemy you must fear is yourself. Fear and mistrust in the future are the fatal mothers of all failures and attract the bad influences and with them the disaster. If you study people of good fortune carefully, you will see that, intuitively, they observe most of the rules set out above.

Many of those who amass vast wealth, it is certain that they are not entirely good people, in the sense of righteousness, but possess many of those virtues that are mentioned above. On the other hand, wealth is not synonymous with blessing, it could be one of the factors that leads to happiness, the power that gives us great and noble works, but the most lasting blessing can only be achieved through different paths, where never dominates the ancient serpent of legend, Satan, whose real name is Egoism.

Never complain about anything, dominate your senses, flee both from humility and from vanity. Humility takes away your strength and vanity is so harmful, that it is as if we were saying “mortal sin against the Holy Spirit.”

Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim known as Paracelsus or Paracelsus (Einsiedeln, 14 November 1493 – Salzburg, 24 September 1541) was an alchemist, astrologer and Swiss physician.

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